The One I Need

by yellowcloverflowers

So I should be writing the rest of my paper (on Saiga antelope. You should totally look them up.)
But instead, I thought of writing this post on relationships. For a while, I have felt that my relationship with her is far beyond what I could ever find in another person. If my last post is any indicator, this is not because I have built her up to be the knight in shining armor I am supposed to dream of. Our relationship is complex, but it reaches a deepness, and a level of intimacy that I cannot imagine experiencing with anyone else. While I enjoy companionship, I find that I have become much happier in intense friend-relationships. You know the kind. Select friends and I go out on dates, our statements are always ‘we’ and never ‘I’, a friend from home loves my spirit and I love his, and we bask in each other often. But there are days when I do not think of being in a committed relationship for the rest of my life. Those are the days when I am smiling ear to ear because her presence has filled me and I know I could go on happily just being so close to her.
I am not waiting to be swept off my feet in love, because that has already happened. I looked up this feeling and apparently others feel this way too. There were many stories of young girls calling Jesus their boyfriend, or the story of a woman who gave up on re-marring to live a life happily committed to her god. I know if I would have read these accounts, say 10 yrs ago, I would have laughed. Because my relationship with her was not quite there yet. But now I see, and I understand these folks. Perhaps, a relationship in the future would look more like a partnership. But as for true love, I am head over heels already.

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