Evolution Thought Train

by yellowcloverflowers

I am an environmental studies major and so a fun way for me to unwind on a Friday night is to watch various videos on evolution. I am truly in love with the topic and think understanding the messy, yet pointed process is a part of life’s beauty.

Yet, I paused to contemplate how I see my deity as fitting into this schema.

The most recent documentary I had watched talked about the implications on religion of making advances on the origin of modern humans. This, coupled with having listened to Christina Perri’s song earlier: “I have loved you for a thousand years, I’ll love you for a thousand more.” I wondered, has she really loved me for so long?

There are many things I do not know for sure about my deity, including what my reality is in relation to hers, if she has been around since before me, and if she is omnipresent.

However, if she is omnipotent across space and time, and she was here before me, then does this mean the she would have expressed the same love to a non-human? It makes sense, seeing as ‘human’ isn’t really all that special. A deity communing outside of a highly mutated ape species does not seem unlikely. Why would she be restricted to any particular hairless mammal?

We know that many animals do not have the same reactions as humans to certain stimuli. What if divine beings/powers do give their attentions to non-humans, but the creatures are just so used to divine experience and guidance, that they simply never show signs of having a spirituality. An animals experiences would never be questioned, regulated, restricted or tampered with. In essence, they would have the truest form of communicating with the divine.